OmniTrail’s technology alleviates the concerns of app developers through its “Passive Presence” device detection platform. OmniTrail is an embedded software utility that enables Internet devices equipped with Wi-Fi radio connectivity (smartphones, tablets, next-generation televisions, etc.) to passively detect and be detected by each other when they are within close physical proximity – even when Wi-Fi is turned off.

Application developers of OmniTrail-provisioned devices will have access to a robust API to enable applications that, upon detection of or by another nearby device, can leverage a wide variety of proximity-triggered actions and events. This effectively provides a persistent contextual awareness (“Presence”) of the subscriber’s immediate physical environment (as determined by the subscriber’s device proximity to other OmniTrail enabled devices such as Wi-Fi access points). As such, OmniTrail helps to shape a “smarter” environment for subscribers as they traverse with their already “smart” mobile devices. This has the potential to significantly enhance the subscriber experience and provide an entirely new category of touch points for interaction between the subscriber and their applications and connected devices.