Passive presence technology pinpoints location to within 1.5 meters

Battery Consumption

Consumes less than 2% of a smartphone's battery over 24 hours, making it best in market power efficiency


Flexible API

Comprehensive API and open-source solutions to enable efficient and flexible application development and integration with existing software

Technology Overview

OmniTrail's proprietary "passive presence" protocol and corresponding micro-location software leverages in-market infrastructure to enable highly power efficient, accurate (to within 1.5m) and secure positioning solutions without requiring any hardware changes on tracked endpoint devices or on-premise network infrastructure.

OmniTrail also does not require endpoint devices being tracked to have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth switched on.



Track important assets

Physical asset verification and a robust corresponding data sync are becoming increasingly imperative tools for firms in manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

OmniTrail facilitates the precise and real-time tracking of inventory or on-premise equipment which drastically reduces human intervention and subsequent loss/errors. 

Flexible APIs allow for real-time exporting of positioning data, further reducing the total cost-of-ownership (TCO) as compared to existing asset tracking solutions.


Manage Workforce

OmniTrail empowers enterprises across retail, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics sectors to locate their employees with high accuracy, and requires no physical enagagement by staff to start or keep the service turned on.

The results include innovative new ways to export and optimize workforce location data, foster real-time collaboration, and encourage creative communication.


public safety

OmniTrail has multiple ongoing initiatives in the public safety domain. Please contact us for more information. 


See a Live Demo of the Technology

Live demos are available at partner facilities in San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC and London. Please use the contact form to request a scheduled demo.